[information about the malpregnancy project]


this book is dedicated to Jordaan Mason whose poetry and music continue to form and inspire me always. without you this would never have become. thank you, Jordaan!


Sofie Gustafsson has helped me tremendously with the editorial work on the initial texts and publication. 
Daniel Rognskog Edenholm is helping me with the coding and formatting of the digitized version of it. without your help this would look very different and would have been far worse.
thank you, Sofie and Daniel!


lastly i want to thank whoever might read this and or the publication for doing just that. if you feel lost, you are not alone. if you feel stuck in brackets, you are not alone. thank you, you! 

[about malpregancy]

hm. i am a white male from norway. i have at times doubted that i should make and say things, just because i feel like enough white men do that already. but i’ve so far come to the conclusion that in stead of being silent because of my priviledges, i can acknowledge and use my priviledge for the better. i consider the malpregnancy project a feminist work. i think it is important that men find, and get to have, a place in feminism. i think men need feminism as much as women.

i’ve wanted to make something that spoke about gender-roles, feminity and masculinity, gender and identity for a long time, but haven’t found a good way until now. i’ve also wanted to find new ways into the subjects of being lost; depression, loneliness, anxiety and self-harm. at the same time i’ve thought a lot about being, or not being, a parent for some time now.

i know i’m not alone in feeling that the earths future is too unclear and uncertain to put new life into it right now.
the malpregnancy project came to as a combination of all the above. it feels like the perfect solution to all these thoughts that i have been carrying for years, and it seemed like a good way for me to talk about both things i feel ownership over but also about things i do not neccessarily feel ownership over or know much about, but that i have thought a lot about. 

i wanted to digitize the malpregnancy project for several reasons, but mostly because i want to try and make things that are easily available and i think internet is a good way to do so. also internet, i think, has become the number one reading platfrom for many, included myself, and although i prefer the physicality of a book i believe this new way of reading ought not to be frowned upon, but be accepted if not encouraged whole-heartedly.

i’m not sure what more to say really, or if it’s neccessary at all, but you’re welcome to contact me if you want to know more or have questions or comments or just have something you want to say.


johan gonzalez 2019