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about horoskop

horoskop is the first short album ive made, and its made entirely on a small toy keyboard i found by a trashcan. to make the whole album on this instrument which couldnt even play chords so i had to record one tone at the time, gave me the playfulness and challenge i needed to complete it. throwing away the idea of everything sounding tight and clean all the time was really liberating. 

for a long time ive been interested in music that emphasizes the lyrics and that works as a whole story. horoskop is about a couple that struggle to take care of each other with depression and self-destructiveness in their way. they want a child but are not sure if they should have one. the world is in a climate crisis and the future seems unclear. is it okay to put new life into a dying world? 

if you like the music i recommend these albums im highly inspired by:

-jordaan mason and the horse museum: divorce lawyers i shaved my head

-the microphones: the glow pt. 2

-neutral milk hotel: in the aeroplane over the sea

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