erasing me and other poems

i pick up the eraser

and wipe out the arms

one by one

the legs

one after another

and then the body

until only the head is left floating in the air

as a thin circle

when it becomes too much

i flee

close the door

lock myself away

and if that is not enough

and the sounds creep in through the cracks

and the things crawl out and try and suffocate me

and the phone shakes and screams

i hurry further

into the cold landscape

leaving village after village

burning behind me

until everything is white or black

now no one can come in

now no one can come out

then i stop thinking

the brain turn as if off

but the heart beats heavily

and the breath goes breathless

the eyes are glass implants

the body is a mannequin

knock knock

no one home

i am so small

and am steadily getting smaller

i just shrink

wonder if i will stop shrinking 

before i am gone

or if i am gone 

before i stop shrinking

i crawl


into me

thread lightly


not to wake me

erasing me

slowly sinking

quietly melting

until i am

out of sight

out of mind

a speck

a wet spot

a dot

and then